Welcome to Moorak Primary School

At Moorak Primay School & Pre-School we are committed to providing:

  • a balanced and relevant curriculum, promoting life long learning
  • a safe and caring learning environment
  • learning opportunities that cater for individual needs
  • opportunities for community involvement

We value and will:

  • Respect ourselves, others and the environment around us. RESPECT
  • Take responsibility for our actions, learning and behaviour. RESPONSIBILTY
  • Be honest and demonstrate a considered sense of fairness. INTEGRITY
  • Cooperate and work collaboratively, leading or following as the situation demands. COLLABORATION
  • Remain focused and look for ways to reach our goals. NEVER giving up! PERSISTENCE
  • Manage and learn from difficulties and mistakes, bouncing back and being self-reliant. RESILIENCE

Located in a rural setting, a short distance from Mount Gambier, the preschool combines with the primary school to offer a comprehensive curriculum. The strengths of Moorak are connected to its size, well maintained facilities, commitment to quality learning, affiliation with community and promotion of values.

Moorak is committed to developing the ‘whole child’, encouraging success for all, socially and academically, in preparation for an ever changing world. Staff actively engages in ongoing learning, utilising effective pedagogies and current technologies to achieve this.

Special events occur regularly throughout the year, with high levels of involvement and participation from the school community. Celebrations include an annual performing arts production involving all students, school and district sports days, whole school celebrations of curriculum areas and learning journeys.

Moorak Primary and Preschool School Values

Moorak Primary and Preschool values developed by Staff, Students and Parents

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